About Us

Take a Course, Pass a Test, Save a Life!

Emergency online training was founded by parents concerned for the safety of their children and with a desire to gain experience in emergency medical situations.

After the birth of their son, co-founder Rachel Pitman and her
husband realized just how unprepared they were for possible emergencies...

After Rachel Pitman and her husband brought home their beloved baby boy from the hospital they found themselves asking a very serious question... what if their baby was choking or he stopped breathing? Would they know what to do?

And then they found themselves asking, "What if one of us stopped breathing?"

They both quickly realized they needed to take a class and get certified so they DID know what to do. But after searching around to find a class, they found it challenging to fit a full day of classes at a local fire department into their busy schedules.

Their frustration with the process of getting certified inspired them to create a SIMPLE solution for all people to get certified online from the comfort of home, at their own pace.

And thus Emergency Online Training was born.

Our Team

We've assembled the best and the brightest to build the premier online CPR and First Aid training, testing, and certification site. With experts in CPR and First Aid training, high end video production. and digital product delivery we have created an experience that you will enjoy and that will provide you with the life saving skills you desire.
Rachel Pitman
Founder Rachel is an Entrepreneur, Mom & Marketing Expert.
Aaron Pitman
Aaron Pitman is an Entrepreneur, Dad & Digital Marketing Expert.
Development Team
We have a dedicated team of experts to create your E-Learning Digital Experience.
Medical Oversight Board
Our Board of medical professionals advise us on our trainings. They help us keep improving and stay current on all guidelines.

Our Mission

It is our mission to help 1 Million people be prepared for possible medical emergencies at home so they can save lives instead of lose them. The information in our courses could be the difference between life and death for a loved one, a friend, a colleague, or even a stranger in distress.

It is all of our responsibility to be prepared. And with Emergency Online Training, now its easy and convenient to be prepared too! For more information or to start your training...

What About National Accreditation?

While many people assume there is a national accrediting agency for CPR training and certification, there is no such body. However, here at Emergency Online Training we provide a top quality training program that strictly adheres to the same guidelines as the American Heart Association, ILCOR, and OSHA.

When you choose Emergency Online Training to get your CPR certification you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the education and skills to apply life saving CPR and First Aid when (and if) necessary.

Additionally, with a full 2-year subscription, you you can refresh your memory at any time with full access to the latest video training and course materials.